Chaos theory

I went to a concert last night, an old favorite, Crosby, Stills, and Nash. I’ve seen them before, great shows, and really loved them. However, last night was not their A game. Besides the oddities of the audience around me, the super loud ” HoHoHo!” deep laugher behind me, the 6″4 wall sitting in front of me, and the guy next to me that surely used a whole bottle of Old Spice…well it takes a lot to ruffle my feathers and I was just kind of chuckling about my perceived inconveniences of my where a bouts, but alas, these amazing performers, who have been doing this since I was a baby, just completely forgot about sequencing. The set list was at best an indulgent mishmash of three guys just randomly picking songs that had no correlation to what came next, or even to warm up their voices…sigh. I ended up leaving before any encore and felt relieved to avoid the bottleneck of traffic on the way out, not something I’ve done before.

What’s funny about it to me, is that I have a quirky radio station near me that has the strangest playlists ever. One morning as I was driving with my son we heard Man in the Box, followed up by the Macarena , and finally Kansas, Dust in the Wind. We were laughing so hard, wondering if the dj had stepped out putting their own iTunes account up on shuffle. It was a brilliant travesty of pain, superficiality, mindfullness. It actually worked, at least for us that morningūüėä

Though I’m glad that wasn’t the only time I saw them perform, I wonder if my expectations and therefore enjoyment would have been different if all had been unknown, or like the eclectic radio station, appreciated for the absurdity…I don’t know, but in the randomness of it, I found this great explanation of what random means made by vsauce. Enjoy it! What is random?