It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

I had an amazing year, I hope you did too. I had laughter, adventures, in-depth study, beauty, wonder, joy, friendship, breakthroughs and love. Conversely, depending on what you focus on, it was without a doubt, a hard, stressful year too. I had a cancer scare requiring emergency surgery with an ocular oncologist plastic surgeon( who knew that mouthful of a specialty existed?) ten days before leaving for India. I almost died of salmonella and heat stroke. My husband had a virulent antibiotic resistant form of e-coli that kept him in a biohazard room for much of the summer and nearly took his life. As he was mending, he broke his right(driving foot!) so badly the surgery required pins and wiring, and lots of nursing. During his last week of pins sticking out of his toes, I developed kidney stones one night completely incapacitating me but before he could drive so I had a grueling 16 hours or so at home three weeks ago…there’s more, I could go on, but I think that’s enough to mull over. It was quite a bit of stress.

Through it all, I did my best to count my blessings, and continue to practice. I admit it wasn’t easy, and sometimes some cursing my have preceded such moments of gratitude. I have barely practiced in the last few weeks after the kidney stone, and am unsure when to pick up to speed again, but happy I didn’t completely give in to the little voice to just cry in the corner. (My side job as one of Santa’s elves for my babies helped motivate me! ) Because, of course I’m grateful to not have cancer, be disfigured, to have survived, my hubby surviving, his foot mending still, but mending none the less. I did not need any of that stuff, I’ve had my share of lessons, thank you very much, nor do I wish such hardships on anyone else, but in the midst of it all, when I’m sure my coping skills were done and I was in kidney stone hell curled in a ball crying unable to get to the doctor, my husband held my hand. That simple gesture was enough. It was support, hope, love, and partnership. It was solace. I have a loving family, a home, my pups, my practice, and nothing else truly matters. This too shall pass, just next time can it be a little quicker and less painful please?

I have no idea what this new year ahead holds for any of us. My mantra is for it to flow smoothly, and I wish the same to all.

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