Ashtangi weekend! I’m tired. Waking up at 2:30ish every morning to practice at the shala before sunrise, while not really shutting down until after 9 pm on a good night, is catching up to me. I’ve been weird ( more than usual) weepy and forgetful. Sigh…not operating at full gear is tough..and I was in denial about it until this morning. Too many monkey brain distractions, not enough Hanuman. Did you know hanuman never gets fatigued? I wore someone else’s black haviana flip flops back home from breakfast…


Now, granted, black flip flops are quite common, and I was distracted by the pack of monkeys that were climbing over our heads and sitting on the fences around us.

Photo credit..Brian Ennis!

But, I was not wearing my black havianas this morning! When I went back for the exchange, everyone laughed as I put back on my red Toms..


The Saturday and moonday combo this weekend of two days off is a much needed respite! I think it’s not just me either, as even Sharath lost his count a couple of times in led primary this morning, chuckling to himself about needing stronger coffee. I’m not much of a napper, so for now relaxing poolside at a local resort watching swim lessons😉


Temples tomorrow after a good nights sleep!


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