Hope for a better world

I worked this week and plan to go back and do more at Odanandi. I helped plant a sustainable garden, or at least the beginning of one, at their young children’s and women’s home. Much of the soil there is now compacted and drained of most of the nutrients. The absolutely fabulous volunteers in charge of the project, tried to set it up so that the older children on site can not just reap the benefits of healthy food choices in the near future, but also learn another way to take care of themselves. We put about 9 fledgling trees into the ground perimeter to help replenish the lost nutrients and prevent further soil erosion. In all honesty, it really doesn’t look like much now, but time, sun, rain, and care could all potentially help make this a successful fruit and vegetable garden.

The children at the facility were all so beautiful, with big smiles and hugs, “Hi sister!” Is what they say in greeting me. The young ones shyly smile and reach out to hold your hand, or pet your hair, affectionate and bright eyed. We brought them small gifts, to help with some basic needs, in looking around, it was obvious, they need so many more supplies. Regardless, the children were happy, and as sad as I was about the reasons that brought them all to Odanandi, I knew their futures, now had as much potential as the garden, maybe even more, because they were free, being looked after, educated and loved. Each of them now has the opportunity to change the world for the better, each has a voice to say human slave trafficking should not exist in our future.




Yesterday, was an international event, called yogastopstraffick The children, women, and all in charge here in Mysore led this world wide event of awareness against the human slave trade. One of these amazing leaders said that if all people in the world truly practiced yoga, as she listed off the eight limbs of yoga, they would no longer be human slavery. That is a seed worth cultivating.

I’m excited to work and play with the children again this week. I’m planning to bring them art supplies and have some fun. I cried that first day some tears of sadness, from their plight. The director was working hard and said there was a crisis of some sort at the moment, I smiled and said in any family there is always some sort of crisis, but it’s wonderful, they have someone as remarkable as you in charge to smooth it over. I’m hopeful.


2 thoughts on “Hope for a better world

  1. saving children is a beautiful thing not only for them but also for your own soul..just touching someone with kindness and having them remember you is a seed that is planted and grows and last a lifetime XOXOX

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