Food glorious food

Ok I know I’m not here for the food, but none the less, it is quite a bonus! I am completely obsessed with masala dosa. It’s a traditional breakfast food, but really eaten just about anytime of the day. I have taken to having one for dinner just about every night this week. Between the potatoes sautéed inside and the crispy warm wrap that contains it and spicy chutney and curry it’s traditionally served with, I’m calling it my comfort food of choice here.

Thali is a fabulous runner up, but more decadent in just the sheer amount of different items coming with it. Though I’m in southern India, I like the northern version even better. The bowl of tomato soup with croutons is my all time favorite since childhood…and I was worried about losing weight here!

I find that much of the time not on the mat or studying comically revolves around where to get your next meal, at a cost of about a dollar or two American. The cost differentials are really remarkable. I am most certainly missing out on some favorites from back home, and needing to be careful of the dreaded Delhi belly, but part of this whole experience is exploring these fabulous flavors.

As an added bonus for me, pretty much everything has a largely vegetarian menu. I have been severely allergic to poultry for about thirteen years and in the States, chicken stock seems to be every restaurants go to secret flavoring ingredient. Though I’m still vigilant, as in have epi pen, will travel, it’s quite nice to feel safer in my eating options. One less thing!



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