Who says ignorance is bliss?

I really am enjoying the country and culture of India. it is vibrant and beautiful, with hard working industrious people, adorable children and sacred cows that wander everywhere:-) Yet, still very much a developing nation, and the growing pains that exist with all that. As I most definitely am used to first world rich man problems like whether we lay a new pipe line for oil and the pollution it potentially causes. Here, they have almost daily blackouts, some days more than one. None have mercifully been terribly long. It’s just part of life here, overloading the grid in the heat of the mid day not just in a fluke or bad storm. One happened as I was sitting in the middle of a busy downtown restaurant, no one skipped a beat around me. It’s all in what you are used to.

I wrote a post a few days ago, called Welcome to India. I was really just trying to point out how little I know of India and that my street smarts are rusty from suburban living, not that they were ever great. My point was more that regardless of where you are; New York, London, Paris, Munich, Mysore…you should probably not walk up to a white van full of unknown young men as a woman alone, even if they are the friendliest people out there, because in this world we live in, that is not always the case, and better safe than sorry. However, the comments I made were misunderstood by an unknown stranger who chose anger and threats versus open dialogue.

I admit last night I was in fear going to bed, wondering if he really would come here to hurt me. He had briefly succeeded in creating terror in my body, I felt physically vulnerable as he had not just commented on my blog but a friends as well, explaining how easy it would be to find me here and use violence as a means of retaliation of his misinterpretation of my words.

As a favorite scientist and philosopher, Karl Popper, has so nicely put it, “It is impossible to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood.” But alas, is rage ever the right choice of action? Where does rage arise and why? Avidya, Samskaras and Kleshas. Ignorance, past wounds, and the impediments we create in our desires, aversions, ego, and false knowledge. I have no idea what types of horrors or abuses this human being has faced, or whether anyone has shown them ahimsa, compassion, and if this person is even capable of acknowledging such acts of kindness. As we all can in moments is it just the lowest level of reptilian brain striking forth as protector of territory?

Yesterday in conference, Sharath spoke of being a young boy and seeing a group of either Japanese or Chinese tourists. He was young and naively ignorant of their purpose in his city. It was also rare to see someone so different visiting at that point, at least in the eyes of a child. I think he said one of his friends dared him to go up and say hello to them, but he said he said no, they know karate and might hurt him. It was a funny story of a child’s innocence and avidya bringing out false assumptions and fears.

As we differentiate ourselves more by culture, faiths, race, politics, sex, diet, how much you recycle, do you eat chocolate? at what point do we choose to decide animosity is ever the right option over debate or discourse? When do we allow fear or assumptions to be better choices than asking why? When did clarification questions get tossed aside? At what point do we allow broad ranged stereo types to override the fact that we are equal as human beings, deserving of compassion? There is a difference between being a mother bear protecting your threatened cub and an ornery bear. I would hope that mindfulness could exist to allow pause before reaction when accidentally coming across a mother bear..time to assess a true threat from false knowledge.

Does having compassion mean being friends? No. It means having respect, allowing privacy, natural compassionate consequences, kindness, or just leaving someone be if you don’t get along well. I know this anger and hatred has nothing to do with me personally. I truly wish they understood the word yoga, union, and grasped that there is room for knowledge and the veil of ignorance to be lifted without ever a violent action or thought.

22 thoughts on “Who says ignorance is bliss?

  1. This exposes you, you didnt publish my comment again. This clearly exposes you and your friends. My fight is right, this proves it. And you.. no words…no words in this whole world to describe such an intolerant person like you.

  2. Its only in India, where being a soft country, any tom dick and harry comes and preaches about how satvik and samskarik they are. One should not forget which culture they are coming from, because if someone else starts preaching samskars to those indecent cultures then it would be shameful even to hear or to say.

  3. Hey man, everyone has a right to not publish a comment. Especially when they are from someone as inflammatory as you. You obviously deleted a bunch of comments from your blog recently that pretty much exposed you. Be careful in how you are proceeding. You will be shut down soon.

    • Hey man, dont try to be smart, I am talking about legitimate comment which I made, not snobbish ones like you. So you dont have right to say anything to me, by sitting in my own country. Get out of there.

    • The right to publish comment and standing by truth are two different things. If she was standing by truth then why did she not publish it?

    • and there are other Indians as well who have registered there complaint against her blog about India, what you got to say about it now?

  4. Hey man, dont try to be smart, I am talking about legitimate comment which I made, not snobbish ones like you. So you dont have right to say anything to me, by sitting in my own country. Get out of there.

  5. I say we are all free to express our opinions without being attacked by people like you. Not everyone agrees with you, by the way. A ranting ego is the ugliest display from who you say you are. You should take your rant to someone who cares. A simple yogi expressing her first impressions of India is a coward’s target.

    • And that impression is what I am saying is wrong. That is what my objections was at the first place.
      She clearly tried to state that all the boys of India are rapists. That is why another user objected as well, who is Indian. And you dont need to be a graduate to understand what she was trying to imply there.
      And dont rant at me, I am not afraid of anything.

    • How is she a yogi when, she clearly generalizes everything about India and Indians?
      How is she a yogi, when even after clarification she didnt even change the name of the religion to Hindu in her blogs about conferences?
      How is she a yogi who dont publish comment when it is exposing her?

  6. Maybe she is too busy practicing being a yogi, which you need to do more of, to care about rewriting her entries for someone like you. Give the girl a break and go bother someone else. There are plenty of people online who are true racists. Go give them your rant.

    • That is not an answer.
      The question is simple, why did she stay at a place when she doesnt like it?
      I mean this is hypocrisy, that you learn from a place and then commertialise it in your place but keep making racist remarks about it.
      And You, listen, I do more yoga then you do. Dont try to preach me. You are racist as simple as that. It is proven.

  7. You are really laughable. You know nothing about me. I think yoga might not be the answer for you. Mental healthcare, yes. Whether she likes India or not should not be your personal problem. Get a life, man.

    • why is it laughable? Please enlighten me, why mental healthcare? So, you mean to say you could go to any country being a westener and could rant about anything and no one should even say a word? And on top of that, when someone tries to show a mirror it becomes wrong? isnt it?
      Then why do yoga at all? Its of India too.

    • And me commenting one her blog shouldnt be your personal problem either! Same logic as yours, now shove it up.

  8. Yes, it’s called freedom of speech. We live by that in the West and we even allow foreigners to do it. But you are combative and therefore, unlikely to make any progress with your cause. If you are such a yogi you would see that the solution lies in peaceful discourse, not anger and verbal demands and attacking. You aren’t exposing anyone or anything but yourself as an angry man who may want to be heard, but doesn’t know how to do so effectively.

    • freedom of speech shouldnt not be insulting to a whole nation. Who are you to come and say that Indians are rapists? Who are you then to do yoga and sell it in west? Dont do Yoga then as simple as that.

    • If you are open for discussion, I invite you to Anu’s cafe or Regalies in Mysore, if you are so confident about your statements and your friends as well, then let us have a discussion.

      • last chance to back off..or NHST Media is going to receive messages to their personnel department about your behavior…you don’t want me as your enemy and how can you chide this woman for not publishing your posts when you did exactly that to me..does that expose you…no more playing nice if you don’t stop

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