Welcome to India

So I’m exactly a week into being here. India is a noisy place, seriously, it is very loud here. Stainless steel dishes clattering in the sink, that sound like piles of glass shattering, beating laundry, imagine throwing wet towels against concrete as hard as you can, then magnify it, repeatedly, and the constant honking horns. Horns, apparently, are the only form of signal I’ve seen for intersections, turning, and hey I’m coming through, watch out! Then there are all the stray dogs that during the day seem innocuous enough, but fight and run in packs after dark, barking and up to no good, usually right around 3 am….there are other noises too, homes being built, new water lines being put in. It’s quite remarkable to see a crew working with not much more than hand tools while in bare feet rip up asphalt, dig out trenches and lay new pipes then cover it back up all in one days time. No gloves, only a very rare jackhammer…truly backbreaking work. Yet they do it, and so much worse, but all without complaint, dutifully, and I think with the gratitude of being fortunate enough to have work.

Intermingled amongst beautiful homes are lots treated as garbage dumps, and pretty much right around the corner are squat houses without much too them, equivalent in size to an SUV, but hey it’s a roof, with four walls. The truly maimed or crippled sustain by living in the garages or floors of unfinished new construction, keeping watch overnight. Again it’s shelter, from the dangers of the night. The police do patrol with decent frequency in the evenings, but it would still be unwise especially for a woman to traverse alone after dark. Almost every dwelling I’ve seen has gates and walls, many with areas of barbed wire or broken sharp glass pieces embedded in the tops. All the windows are covered in bars. I’m not sure if it’s to protect against critters or other more nefarious reasons, most likely it’s for both.

I’m not very street savvy, my intellectual gifts, unfortunately are lacking in that area. Granted this is not my usual element. I can navigate around just about anywhere in New York City without any problems or fears, but let’s just say I’m developing a learning curve of stranger danger here. Thankfully I do have some friends here, that have been before, and have shown me the ropes.

Yesterday afternoon walking right in front of the Shala a van stopped filled with young Indian boys, they were gesturing to me, talking and smiling as if to ask me something. My usual polite helpful nature had kicked in and I started walking over to see what they wanted. Mercifully I was with a friend, Stan, who basically freaked on me, yelling for me to back away. I was ridiculously naive and at first didn’t understand, as these boys looked sweet and harmless, but I’m not home, I’m in India and looks are deceiving. Stan chided me as I walked back over to join the others in front of the Shala, with and incredulous expression on his face, as he said, “Didn’t anyone ever warn you not to talk to strangers?!” Alas I have a hard time remembering not everyone operates with purity in their intentions. I admit, it’s difficult for me to assume otherwise. From now on sadly if I leave to go off alone, I will take pepper spray in one hand as a talisman to remember to be wary but hopefully not ever need it. I say all this with the counterbalance of having encountered wonderful, kind people here, friendly and helpful. Being mindful accepts the unexpected, both the good and the bad, but at least now, not unanticipated.


19 thoughts on “Welcome to India

  1. why did you remove my comment? Is it because it exposed you? You white people are so arrogant and racist! OMG You need to be exposed. Just wait till I come there……you guys will have to run then. Go back to your home country, dont come to India you racist scum.

    • I’m sorry you feel that my intentions were negative. Quite the contrary, though I find your reaction alarming and combative. I flagged your last comment for its content and tone.

  2. It is very unique with you guys, isnt it? You could write anything and when someone shows you the mirror you guys back off!

  3. Stranger Danger P!! You obviously forgot you are a gorgeous blonde, hahaha!! Apparently your opinions and impressions need approval on your own blog, wow. How dare you write anything??

    • Yes you old fart, she needs permission because has written about Indians, and I just showed some other facts about her own countries boys and what they do, and that comment was not published.
      I know where you guys hangout in Mysore. BE VERY CAREFUL.

    • Hey you old racist women, remove our god Shivas photo from you facebook, because you dont have any rights to put it there. You are racist by soul, you think you are white or blonde or what ever and that gives you right to call the other person or culture or community ugly. You are not gods own children. If you can not see every human as being the same then why you even calling yourself a Yogi?

      And, the comment which was removed by Paula, had lot of mirror showing information, why was it removed? Why you guys always moan, India is this India is that, then dont come here if you hate us. And dont do Yoga as well, it is not yours.

    • No you old fart, I will do something in reality too.
      What you mean gorgeous blonde? So, you mean Indians are ugly?
      What are you? Gods own children?

      • Warrior – your hate, anger and ugliness is giving your own people a bad name not white yogis from America who write their impressions if your country.
        You’d better get yourself to the temple and pray that Lord Shiva can help you see a better way to express your thoughts.

      • I knew you were coming from this blog, my tracker showed me that, I was just curious how you all come in support for a white women.

        You dont preach me about Shiv bhagvan. You are not pure enough to tell me about him, and you dont any right as well. The ugliness you guys create I am just exposing it and you guys are getting a taste of your own medicine! Love it, please dont hate it, I am a product of your own ugly west!

      • I know many Indians and none of them are as cruel as you many of them quite beautiful …you have a black heart go get some help before it’s too late

      • Why cruel? Because I am exposing you guys online, isnt it? You have dual-face, one when you meet and second when you write or say about Indian on there absence. You guys are epitome of hate. There are millions of example for it, starting from crusades!

      • So, this is what I get, even after explaining every thing isnt it? Another blog totally devoted to me, and she preaching me of my own culture and Vedantas philosophy. How should I take this now?

  4. When EU was fooling Turkey, it was fair play. What is happening in Ukraine–nice thing. West was always cruel and cheap. You guys have no heart first of all. What made your ancestors to come India. They cam here for money. Even took the literature from here and got patents on them. Its India which taught you mathematics, Trigonometry. Clear the dust which is in your mind and body.. Oh I forgot you are cheap and shameless, how can you remove that. You will not learn even yoga as well, reason your money minded thinking. West you will be future soon.

    • And in one of her blog about conference, check it out, she deliberately wrote Hindi instead of Hindu. This totally exposes her intentions and about her pretentious behavior and she didnt even correct it when I told her.

  5. I was in USA for sometime, was shocked there the people are more sick than India, wt u claim which is false. and the government is still sucking the blood there. Thank God, India is far better place. I was not able to breath, returned back. I have one question, if you have so much problem why you people come here to learn Yoga. You have so much of difference among your own people. So much of Racism, can’t believe. So much of hatred towards your own countrymen, It was shocking. No respect for relations, who is engaged with whose wife, this is the gift of west to the world. Pathetic. Do you have even one single women as president. You people have given worst comments when your own Obama was elected as President.

    • Sanskar or what ever your name is, I am fellow Indian just like you. You cant retaliate, its as per west rules that you shouldnt retaliate at all of what ever they write. And whom are you arguing with, they are self-righteous people. They managed to pacify me yesterday and today this samskarik women, Paula from Connecticut, she wrote a blog about me, saying what ever ashubh words against me. They wont listen, they have the tendency to hide or not admitting there wrong deeds. Contact me, and let us discuss.

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